Nancy, Bee and Martha

I’m the proud owner of three Morris Minors, two of which are disability two door blue ex-government cars from the 1960s. The other one is a 4 door with leather seats – going up in the world…one Morris at a time.

Nancy – KNA 665F

Bought in 2012 for around the same price as a new iPhone in Derby. Manchester registered. Slightly modified engine, rotten door and folding seats. Driven over 45K miles since being bought in June 2012. Sat since the early 1990s in a garage just waiting to be found. My ultimate pride and joy.

NancyBee – VBK 259

Bought in London after the first owner passed away. A dead cheap bargain and a lovely drive, Bee is a new addition to the Holloway fleet as of January 2015. Currently has a broken heater and is teaching me a thing or two about wrapping up warm.


Martha – YPE 449G

Unreliable mess bought from Morris Minor dealership in 2009. Constantly breaking down and breaking my heart. Currently sporting a dodgy paintjob and a 1275 engine. Secretly love her even though I bitch about her all the time.



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