A return to blogging

Hello everyone!

It has been nearly a year since I wrote a blog post and so much has happened. I’ve been to France with my Morris Minor friends, I’ve moved to the West Yorkshire semi-countryside and I’ve been on too many car related and foodie adventures to count. I also have a new job as the Local PR and Marketing Coordinator at Bonmarche. So all in all, an exciting 12 months.

This year I’m determined to be more ‘full on’ with my blogging, learn French, go to the gym more than once a week and actually finally get around to properly doing something with all my ideas for stories and vaguely interesting novels. With the power of my exciting new laptop (vaguely admitting and joining the technological rat race) I may go someway to achieving everything I’ve set out to do.

Until I next write, here is a photo from my ‘birthday weekend’ car run to Haworth. In case you’ve not already seen it 1000 times; my car is the blue one with the boot rack.

PS. If you’ve stumbled upon this by accident, you can find my usual self on Instagram.