The Introduction

I can’t believe its already January 1st and all the things I said I’ll do this year must now be done!

One of my big things this year is writing this blog; documenting all the fantastic and downright interesting vintage treasures I keep finding…and all the places I’ve sourced them. In addition to this, I’ll be documenting the pitfalls and triumphs of classic car ownership and all the ridiculous bits inbetween.

Over the forthcoming weeks and months, I’ll try to share as much as possible without being boring or irrelevant (hopefully!). As its New Year and I’m decidedly sleepy from too much food and out-of-sync sleeping patterns, I’ll share a photo from our New Year walk at Kirkstall Abbey. Not my dogs by the way, but the rescued Greyhounds owned by my boyfriends brother.

Dog Walking

Walking the dogs at Kirkstall Abbey

That is all,