Adventures so far – a catch up blog

What with a house move, new car tinkering and heaps of Morris Minor adventures (three countries, in three different cars!), I’ve barely had time to write a blog lately.

However, I realised we’re half way through the year and until I write my entry about our trip to France, here are some photos of the adventures we’ve been on.

My top five car highlights of this year so far (that I haven’t mentioned on this blog!) have been…

  • A failed trip to Bakewell (complete with brake master cylinder total death) and getting spotted and posted on a random car forum
  • A chilly trip up to Edinburgh and finally getting to break the ‘never get over the Scottish border without breaking down’ curse
  • A final hoorah in Liverpool, with a  brilliant road trip organised by Liam and wangling free entry to a fantastic car museum
  • A superb visit to ‘Boney M’ with a strange journey to Dungeness for Craig’s birthday
  • And of course…France (deserves a sole blog…coming soon)

To compensate for my terrible lack of blogging activity lately, I’ll compensate with some photos of the highlights…


A very British line up


A view over Liverpool from the top of the Cathedral. Weather is terrible, mainly because you know, we’re in England.


A Liverpool breakfast, complete with beautiful cars.


Having the time of our lives in Dungeness.


My hair (for once) doing as it is told on a night out ❤


Enjoying a sunny bank holiday in Scotland


Phil and Colin debating sizes in Edinburgh


Took Martha to Gretna Green, because if I’m going to elope with anyone, it would probably be her (if Nancy wasn’t available).

And that’s it for now! I’ll aim to post a blog about France in the next week or two and I’ll also be updating everyone on an exciting new product I’ve been asked to review.

Until then, keep checking my instagram @idriveaclassic for all the latest adventure updates.


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