The pursuit of perfect hair

One of life’s biggest mysteries along with why all bad food tastes amazing is how some people have amazing hair every day. I mean, how do they do it?! For me, especially on work mornings, getting my hair right is something that usually happens by accident. Needless to say, I’ve been looking for the lazy man solution to everyday great hair with little/no effort since I started the daily grind.

Bhair in rollerseing a regular reader of the Daily Mail showbiz section (don’t judge me, we all have guilty pleasures), I couldn’t help but notice that all my favourite celebs were wearing the same set of hair rollers…and seemed to have amazing hair after removing them.

I did a bit of digging and discovered that they were all wearing Velcro Sleep Rollers a brand of rollers made from soft Velcro and inner tubes of sponge designed to be the lazy girl answer to fabulous hair.

Before purchasing, I did a bit of googling to discover that nobody had written a half decent blog. So I took the plunge and a purchased a set without much of a write up. Hopefully if you’re reading this blog, my explanation of how to use the rollers and how they feel will help you a lot more than the write ups I found!

The rollers arrived in a coordinating pink bag with an easy to understand, comprehensive guide on how to put the rollers in. As a seasoned roller user, I was fully aware of how to put my rollers in and it took me about 20 minutes to do a full head. I experimented with both wet and dry hair and I would suggest drying your hair first to avoid damage from stretching the hair strands.

rollers in

Being able to get a good night sleep in the rollers is the USP and I suspect the reasoning behind the price. I will be completely honest and say it wasn’t the best night’s sleep and neither was it the worst. I worked out that by resting on my hand in a ‘Disney Princess having a nap’ sort of way; I was able to have a perfectly good night’s sleep. I also wrapped my head in a massive granny scarf to avoid losing any rollers in my sleep. FYI: The brand recommends pinning the rollers in, but if you get a tight roll you won’t need to do this.

I woke up in the morning feeling refreshed and excited and it took me approximately 6 minutes to remove all the rollers and lightly brush my hair. I then sprayed my hair and it held in and looked fantastic all day. I also received lots of compliments from different members of the team (some who knew I’d had my rollers in, some who didn’t) and I can honestly say I felt a lot prettier and more confident with a nice head of hair.

In short, to sum up the rollers:

Packaging and presentation: 10/10

Ease of use: 8/10 (a bit of practise goes a long way)

Results: 10/10

I would honestly recommend these to anyone and if you’re looking for body and a light curl, these will do wonders. PS. If you’ve ever slept in rollers, I can assure you these are a whole different experience.

Have you tried sleep in rollers? What was your experience? Have you got any tips to get more body after using rollers? Why not pop me a comment below.


A vintage trip to Liverpool

In fashion each season there are trends, usually determined by whatever crops up in high fashion and the catwalk. So if Marc Jacobs is using monochrome, you can bet that Topshop, Asos or <insert popular high street name here> will be ensuring you have a cracking selection of black and white tops, dresses and whatever else you might fancy. But here is the catch…is that really what you want?

Everyday we’re bombarded with fashion images. From buses, magazines, advertisements and much more. Yesterday whilst in Liverpool, I saw that had projected an image onto the side of a building with QR codes; making it oh-so simple to get an instant fashion fix. The styles they had picked were inspired by catwalk and seasonal trends…but was that what you wanted to see?

Yesterday on my mission to get a passport (mission successfully completed) I decided to try and find a dress for my birthday. I didn’t want to dress like a prostitute with my breasts dangling out on the dancefloor and neither did I want to wear something that wasn’t comfortable. It struck me that the inaccessibility of high end fashion is slowly seeping onto the high street (leather harness anyone?) and the sales drop stores moan about might be a bit less if high street fashion was actually wearable!

In my quest to find a party dress that was A. wearable and B. something I really wanted, I headed to my favourite part of Liverpool; Bold Street. For those who haChris in his new shirtve never been before, Bold Street is the capital of cool in Liverpool with a selection of vintage clothing stores, one-off eateries and little shops selling bits and pieces you don’t really need. There is even a vintage Oxfam!

So I hunted round Bold St. in a vain attempt to find something amazing to wear and whilst in Ark, I stumbled upon a mens sale. I couldn’t turn down a peek for the other half and walked away with a 1980s deadstock Vietnamese mens shirt in a jazy print (see left for a modelled image!). The shirt is 100% Cotton and unfortunately the camera doesn’t do the vivid colours justice. Safe to say it was a bargain  at only £12!

As dresses are classed as ‘out of season’ in vintage shops at the moment, most stores were filled with fur coats, bad 80s knitted jumpers and the indispensible hipster accessory…cut off denim shorts. This made getting something to wear an absolute challenge. I tried all my favourite places including the newly opened ‘Deep Clothing’ and ended up in a vintage warehouse opposite. Scanning through racks of worn, tired and stained dresses; I stumbled across two absolutely gorgeous 60s/70s dresses that would be perfect!

I tried both on and although a little tight (nothing a two week hard core diet can’t solve!) they were perfect. Not too casual, not too short and definitely eye catching. The beauty of vintage clothing is the sellers are often willing to haggle the price and I got my two dresses for £10…less than the price of a Nandos! I’ve popped a photo below of the two dresses on hangers as they are currently drying fresh out the wash.

blog 2 004 blog 2 005

Whats your opinion on fashion wearability? Are you stuck in the same old clothes because the high street doesn’t offer much in the way of what you want? Why not leave me a comment below.

The Introduction

I can’t believe its already January 1st and all the things I said I’ll do this year must now be done!

One of my big things this year is writing this blog; documenting all the fantastic and downright interesting vintage treasures I keep finding…and all the places I’ve sourced them. In addition to this, I’ll be documenting the pitfalls and triumphs of classic car ownership and all the ridiculous bits inbetween.

Over the forthcoming weeks and months, I’ll try to share as much as possible without being boring or irrelevant (hopefully!). As its New Year and I’m decidedly sleepy from too much food and out-of-sync sleeping patterns, I’ll share a photo from our New Year walk at Kirkstall Abbey. Not my dogs by the way, but the rescued Greyhounds owned by my boyfriends brother.

Dog Walking

Walking the dogs at Kirkstall Abbey

That is all,